If you've ever wanted to teach your horse in a way that feels clear, effective, kind and fair,

You've found your tribe.

Training with less Frustration,

more enjoyment

Fed up with training techniques that make you feel like the villain?

End the Training Struggles

Ever feel like traditional methods leave you and your horse on opposite teams? Ditch the old-school methods that are aversive and stressful.

Time to try something new.

Eliminate Anxiety and Reactivity

Horses react to the energy they're given. Frustration and confusion leads to anxious behaviors. Transform the way you interact to see a change in your horse.

Never Journey Alone

Navigating your training path doesn't have to be solitary. Feeling unsupported and misunderstood can hinder progress. You're not alone in seeking a better way.


Build Trust,

Not Tension

The philosophy is simple: replace confrontation with conversation, fostering a relationship where respect and understanding pave the way for success. No more misunderstandings, just willingness and cooperation.

Cultivate a Calmer, Happier Horse

Enjoy personalized plans designed to respect your - and your horse's individuality. This approach encourages curiosity and engagement, making learning enjoyable for both of you.

Join A Supportive Community

Become part of a community that shares your values and vision for fun learning. Here, encouragement and guidance are always available, ensuring you and your horse thrive together.

In-Person Clinics

Training That Feels Good

Through our virtual lessons and clinics, you'll learn practical, positive reinforcement techniques that can be applied immediately, fostering a stronger connection between you

and your horse.

Customized Training Plans

Tailored for Two: You and Your Horse

We develop personalized training plans that consider your specific goals, your horse's unique personality, and the dynamics of your relationship, ensuring progress and satisfaction.

Virtual Lessons

From Live Interactions to

Binge-Worthy Learning

Why choose between live coaching and the convenience of pre-recorded lessons when you can have both? It's the ultimate way to connect, learn, and grow with your horse, ensuring you both enjoy the journey towards mastery and mutual understanding, all from the comfort of your own barn.

Ready To Get Started?

Say Goodbye to

Training Tug-of-Wars

Tired of feeling like every training session is a battle of wills between you and

your horse?

Those traditional "because we've always done it this way" methods can - at best - feel outdated and at their worst, inhumane.

Both parties are often left feeling misunderstood and stressed, turning what should be a productive and fulfilling activity into a fight.

It's high time for a change.

Explore a World of Intentional Partnership

Imagine your horse being as excited about training as they are about treat time!

Because let's face it, who wants to be the drill sergeant when you can be the life of the party? By shifting to positive reinforcement, we're turning old-school struggles into modern-day success stories.

Training becomes a joyous journey you walk together, filled with willingness, understanding, and loads of fun.






The Answers to Your Burning Questions!

How do you personalize training in a virtual setting?

Personalization is at the heart of what we do. Through detailed assessments and ongoing communication, we tailor each session to address your specific challenges and goals. If you have Pivo or Zoom, we can ensure that distance doesn't hinder the effectiveness of your training experience.

How do your training methods help with behavioral issues?

Our approach is particularly effective in addressing and resolving behavioral issues. By focusing on positive reinforcement and understanding the root causes of behaviors, we guide you through strategies that foster trust and respect, leading to lasting positive changes in your horse's behavior.

How quickly will I see changes in my horse's behavior?

While individual results vary, many clients notice lasting improvements in their horse's demeanor and responsiveness within a few weeks of consistent application of our methods.

Who are your methods suitable for?

Our programs cater to all levels of experience. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine advanced skills, our approach is flexible and adaptable, ensuring that every horse and human duo receives the support they need to thrive.



Schedule a Discovery Call

Begin your adventure by scheduling a discovery call to learn hosting - or participating in - a clinic, or our virtual learning offerings.


Let's Talk

Let's discuss your goals, and start turning your training struggles into successes.


Begin the Process of Change

Whether through a clinic or our virtual learning, you'll begin to integrate positive training methods into every interaction with your horse. Build a relationship that's based on trust, willingness, and a whole lot of fun.

Want to turn your horse into a willing accomplice?

Welcome to the clear side of horsemanship – where empathy is the soundtrack, learning is the game, and love for your horse is the prize.

It all starts here: book a Discovery Call today!

Pre-Recorded Lessons: Submit a pre-recorded video of you and your horse, receive voice-over feedback to watch over and over again. Convenience meets effectiveness

Live Virtual Lessons: Real-time feedback, real-life results.

On-Site Clinics: Join us for a hands-on experience that's as effective as it is feel good. Including pre-clinic training material and post-clinic follow-ups, you get way more than your typical experience.


I'm always looking to work with trainers who put the horse first. I've learned so much more about putting the horse first from Jenni than I ever imagined. She is keen on every detail and doesn't miss a beat on her observations. It's the small things to the big things, but really the things that seem small being so much more important than I had ever imagined-Thanks to Jenni I may have a shot at truly making a difference to my horse and his interest in our work and time together. Jenni is all heart and education and softness-the day I met Jenni I knew I'd never let go of her and that her influence on me was going to be super important! Very grateful for her in my life and I know my horses are even more grateful.

Sonya Hollander

“I can only describe it as it feels like a portal has opened and everything in my world is shifting. it's pretty amazing. thank you


Eka Leigh Malboeuf

I met Jenni, who came highly recommended by some equestrian friends, to help me get “back on track” with my horse. To begin with, I found her to be punctual, professional, and always prepared. She has a gentle approach and a positive demeanor that worked well for my situation. After a few sessions, as I applied the techniques Jenni taught me, I saw results and in turn had a horse who was more willing to engage. She was able to quickly come up with unique solutions to problems that arose, by thinking out of the box. Jenni is a pleasure to work with, has a good sense of humor and a genuine caring attitude. She is a lovely, correct rider who draws from her experience with multiple riding disciplines.

Rosalie Johnson


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