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blending R+ training methods with a generous dose of enjoyment for both you and your horse, no matter where you live.

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Joyful Connection


Pre-Recorded Lessons

Unlock the power of learning at your own pace with our Pre-Recorded Virtual Lessons. Submit a pre-recorded video of you and your horse, receive voice-over feedback to watch over and over again. You can revisit lessons anytime, ensuring lasting progress.

Live Virtual Lessons

Dive into the future of horse training with our Live Virtual Lessons. If you have Pivo or Zoom, these sessions offer real-time, interactive training experiences that rival in-person sessions. You'll get personalized feedback tailored to meet your specific goals, ensuring you and your horse achieve breakthroughs from the comfort of your own arena.

Personalized Training Plans

Experience the pinnacle of customized training with a Personalized Training Plan. Beginning with a detailed assessment of your and your horse's needs, we craft a step-by-step program tailored just for you. These plans evolve as you do, ensuring continuous improvement between lessons and a dynamic learning experience.

On-Site Clinics

Join us for a transformative On-Site Clinic with both pre-clinic training materials and post-clinic follow-ups. These immersive sessions provide hands-on learning opportunities to foster a deeper connection between you and your horse. Set in a supportive, group environment, our clinics are a place to grow, share, and discover alongside other like-minded horse peeps.

Where Dreams Gallop

Into Reality

Imagine a place where your deepest dreams don't just linger on the horizon—they come charging into the present. Your aspirations for a harmonious relationship with your horse, those visions of joyful, effortless interactions, and the desire to communicate with your horse as if you're both speaking the same heart language—are not just possible; they're within reach.

Every lesson, every clinic, and every plan is a step towards the future you've been dreaming of. With expert guidance and a whole lot of love for the work, you can be assured that your journey with will be as rewarding as the outcome.


I'm always looking to work with trainers who put the horse first. I've learned so much more about putting the horse first from Jenni than I ever imagined. She is keen on every detail and doesn't miss a beat on her observations. It's the small things to the big things, but really the things that seem small being so much more important than I had ever imagined-Thanks to Jenni I may have a shot at truly making a difference to my horse and his interest in our work and time together. Jenni is all heart and education and softness-the day I met Jenni I knew I'd never let go of her and that her influence on me was going to be super important! Very grateful for her in my life and I know my horses are even more grateful.

Sonya Hollander

“I can only describe it as it feels like a portal has opened and everything in my world is shifting. it's pretty amazing. thank you


Eka Leigh Malboeuf

I met Jenni, who came highly recommended by some equestrian friends, to help me get “back on track” with my horse. To begin with, I found her to be punctual, professional, and always prepared. She has a gentle approach and a positive demeanor that worked well for my situation. After a few sessions, as I applied the techniques Jenni taught me, I saw results and in turn had a horse who was more willing to engage. She was able to quickly come up with unique solutions to problems that arose, by thinking out of the box. Jenni is a pleasure to work with, has a good sense of humor and a genuine caring attitude. She is a lovely, correct rider who draws from her experience with multiple riding disciplines.

Rosalie Johnson


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